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Resume Squirrel is absolutely NUTS about resumes and has over twenty years of experience reviewing, editing and writing professional resumes and cover letters for people just like you.

Studies have proven that you are three times more likely to get hired when you have a professionally written resume as opposed to writing it yourself. As you may already know, seniority is very important in most industries, so you definitely want to get hired as fast as possible and having a proper resume and cover letter will help guarantee that will happen.

Did you know that most resumes never get read because they are missing keywords? Well, that will not happen if it is written by Resume Squirrel! It will be keyword optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems and Resume Scanning Software, making sure that your resume is found amongst the thousands that HR Departments receive.

Your resume will be designed and formatted for your specific industry and will get noticed by Hiring Managers. You will get to work one-on-one with a professional resume writer who will help you through the process to guarantee that you are happy with the results.

Resume Squirrel can also write your cover letter for you. HR personnel are two times more likely to read a resume that has a cover letter, so you should definitely have one! When your cover letter and resume are complete, it will be an attractive one page design that is internet friendly and sent to you in PDF and/or MS Word file format.

Resume Squirrel has helped people around the world just like you get hired into their dream job... Let us help you today!

Why Choose Resume Squirrel?

Resume Squirrel is Absolutely NUTS About Resumes!

  • YOUR OWN DEDICATED RESUME WRITER -  You'll have the privilege of collaborating with a top-tier resume writer who will work with you one-on-one to craft a winning resume that meets your unique needs and aspirations. Be confident that our expert will not rest until you're completely satisfied with the final product. With our service, you'll not only have a polished and professional resume, but also the confidence to land your dream job.
  • WE KNOW THE HIRING PROCESS - Here's a little secret that most job seekers don't know: the majority of resumes get tossed aside because they lack the right keywords. But with Resume Squirrel on your side, you'll never have to worry about that again! Our expert team will skillfully optimize your resume with the perfect keywords to ensure that it shines brightly in front of any Applicant Tracking System or Resume Scanning Software.
  • INCREASE YOUR HIRING ODDS - If you want to boost your chances of getting hired, you need a professionally written resume. In fact, studies have shown that job seekers who rely on our expert services are three times more likely to land their dream job than those who go it alone. 

Resume Squirrel Pricing

Affordable Resume and Cover Letter Writing

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Professional Resume Writing

$ 130 per resume
  • Our Premier Resume Writing Service
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Awesome Cover Letter

$ 50 each
  • A Fully Customized Cover Letter
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Resume Squirrel Testimonials

"I had been struggling to get callbacks from any of the companies I applied to until I turned to Resume Squirrel. They helped me craft a highly targeted and professional resume that showcased my unique skillset, and within weeks, I landed my dream job. Thank you, Resume Squirrel!"

"I was feeling overwhelmed and lost in my job search until I discovered Resume Squirrel. Their team of experts were able to take my scattered work history and turn it into a cohesive and impressive resume that highlighted my strengths and accomplishments. I couldn't be happier with the end result and loved the process!"

"As an experienced professional, I thought I knew how to write a solid resume. But after working with Resume Squirrel, I realized just how much I was missing. They not only helped me polish my existing resume, but also provided invaluable insights on how to tailor it for specific job applications. Thanks Resume Squirrel!"


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